First the bad news…

Hello there, this is my lil blog to document my journey with attempting to reverse my recently diganosed Type 2 Diabetes.  I am by no means a doctor, health care professional, just an average guy trying to make myself better. I think a little background is in order to begin…

I have always considered myself a bit of athlete playing various sports most of my life from soccer to tennis, to now I mostly surf on average three times a week. I’m 46, 6ft, 218lbs. My weight will yoyo from 207 to 238, mostly because I love to drink craft beer, and living in San Diego there is no shortage of breweries whom also serve lots of yummy food to wash said beer down with.  I have tried all types of diets that allow me to fuel my activities from vegan, pescatarian, paleo, you name it I have definitely tried it. The issue for me wasn’t sticking to it, I believe I have very strong will power; it is portion control and I love to eat!

Last week I had my yearly physical and blood testing and learned I have Type 2 Diabetes. Once the shock had worn off and I stopped playing the blame game, I decided to become proactive with they hope of beating this new challenge. Reversing my Type 2 Diabetes through diet and exercise. This blog will document my journey and possible help someone else in a similar situation.


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