Like I said before I have a portion problem! Simply I place too much on my plate, well this is going to change. This week I have cut back my portions, eating the recommended portions according to the suggested serving sizes that I typically have always ignored. I gotta admit, it’s hard! Especially when I never really considered myself a fat guy, although my pant size is a 38. When I got Nachos I went Super, when I got coffee I went Venti, Pizza always extra large so eating so little feels stifling. On top of that I am always kinda hungry by nature too.  I read that its better to be hungry than full and when feeling hungry to simply drink more water and just think if it as my body is beginning to use up all the stored fat I have built up over the years that the exercise never did.

So where am I at today, one week after my diagnosis? I have lost 9 lbs!  My blood test of FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar) has gone down to 120! Just in the manageable range!!!

Not cured yet, but I believe I am on the right path!


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