Research looks promising, this can be done!

I got my Metformin and finger poker and lil electronic reader as prescribed.  My first reading was shocking to be quite honest, 186 and after a breakfast 304!!! I realized that this is completely my own doing and only I can really fix this. Of course I went to the computer to google diabetes, what is healthy to eat, what is not healthy to eat, and found lots of conflicting information. Some say grains are bad, some say grains are good, this fruit not that fruit etc… So frustrating!!!

I then found a spark of hope, through a research project performed in England at the University of Newcastle.

Their finding are this disease can be reversed by a very strict low calorie diet of meal replacement drinks, green vegetables, non starchy vegetables, and lots of water.  The theory in a nutshell is this: Eat less sugar, eat no man made carbs, eat no dairy or meat, stay hydrated, and use up the fat that you have accumulated. When you lose weight the visceral fat that has accumulated around your internal organs will begin to dissapate and in theory work properly again. That’s it folks!

Here is a link to the Diet Program:

It seems so simple of a solution, why hasn’t this been more widely talked about?!!?

Now there are some tweaks to the diet that can make it more manageable yet the results will be slower, and that is fine with me because I still want to eat fish. My body works better with some protein.


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