More Progress!!!

Read a great article from another word press blog: Healing on a Budget, entitled Reversing Type 2 Diabetes. (will include a link below) It gives a ton of information about how the disease works, and how it is curable through diet and exercise. There was one point that really stood out in my mind when they brought up how this information is and has been out there in the established medical community for some time now. Published in numerous medical journals, not just the preachings of some wacko vegan on Youtube. That if your doctor doesn’t know this or doesn’t bring it up to you before putting you on a medicine regiment then they are not only doing you a disservice but living in the dark ages. Although I assume they are actually living in the drug companies pocket to be more accurate.  My doctor notified me of having Type 2 Diabetes via email, and immediately prescribed Metforim, no discussion of what might be the cause of the problem, no talk of a change in diet first for a period of time – Then see how my levels have progressed to reevaluate whether medication is truly a necessary step. Really a crappy way of dealing with me and my condition. I had to be proactive and find out everything on my own, it required some digging, but in the end I believe I have found what I need to reverse my Type 2 Diabetes!!!

I am now a week into eating the low calorie diet, no meat, dairy, oil, very small amounts of low glycemic fruit (berries) in a morning smoothie (see previous posts) and lots of low starch vegs.  I have lost 11 lbs in the first week! My fasted blood sugar has gone down to 108!!! It’s really working!!!!


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