My Type 2 Diabetes is Cured/Reversed, using a LCHF diet and exercise alone.

It has been just over a month and I believe I have my Type 2 Diabetes more than under control. My fasting blood sugar has been averaging from mid 80s to mid 90s and I have lost 23 pounds!  I am strictly following a Low Carb High Fat / Ketogenic diet and it’s working!!!  I stopped taking the meds prescribed because they are not necessary for a disease that is diet created and diet fixed. The meds just mask the problem and in the long run will make you more unhealthy.  I’ve been surfing, going to the gym and also got back into cycling, and the exercise really helps kick start the Ketosis for me meaning my blood sugar lowers to around 77 and typically stays around there for the rest of the day. Since I am eating a diet low in carbs the glucose levels stay low, and my body is learning to use the high fat in my diet to burn the fat and residual fat my body has been holding on too.  I also have not had a drink of any alcohol for this entire time, nor coffee. I saw a video about how too much coffee can mess up your adrenal glands and inhibit ketosis adaptation. To tell you the truth I don’t really miss it in the slightest.

Now I know using the word Cured has been a bit controversial because the medical profession won’t admit this disease of insulin resistance can be cured. And I know if I go back to eating the way that got me insulin resistant will make the symptoms return. I feel so much better now that there is no way that will happen. If you crash your car into a telephone pole, then get a new car – would you hit the same pole again? I don’t think so. I believe once you find health going back to bad habits seems just redundant and stupid.