Ask yourself: Why are you trying so hard Not to know

I came across a great article stating all of the health benefits to eating a Low Carb High Fat diet. It is well written, non scientific terminology mumbo jumbo used, and really makes me wonder why this isn’t the kind of thing discussed by the health community in large. Could it be old dogma, fear, money, or just simply laziness?

I believe the reason is most don’t want to make the effort to simply learn and experiment or simply do what ever it takes in order to make themselves healthy. It’s easy to repeat the old mantras of butter, red meat, and salt are bad for you rather than do a bit of research on whether these ingredients are in fact unhealthy.  It’s as if these people are actually trying hard not to know that they can make their lives better by simply eliminating some foods that are making them ill.

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I looked up everything the American Diabetes Association had to say and quickly ordered the medication my doctor prescribed thinking they must be the experts and want what is best for me and the American public in general. But being the inquisitive person I am I wanted to know if there was more than what they are teaching, was this truly a disease that is incurable?  Do I really need to take more and more of these medications for the rest of my life? I know in Buddhism they will ask what was the causation that led to the issue before treating the issue so it won’t happen again and I like to use this perspective regarding my health. I obviously was doing something to myself that was making me unhealthy, and figuring that out was key to my road to health.  That’s how I learned about people like Butter Bob Briggs, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt,  Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Jason Fung, Professor Tim Noakes just to name a few. I started trying different things to see how it affected my blood glucose, my weight, and well being. And more importantly I was willing to do what ever it took to fix the issue because what the ADA was telling me was I was screwed for life and it simply isn’t the case.

Take a look at this article and see if any of it rings true to you:



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