My Story On

Hello and welcome to my blog, you might have been directed to it via and for that I am grateful with hopes that my story might just help one person who has Diabetes.

My beautiful picture
Before and after photos


Update: Today I am at a total weight loss for the past 7 months of 40 pounds!!! My BG is in the 90’s on average and I have never felt better. You can do this too, I don’t consider myself a genius, I’m not a Mensa member – Just a normal guy who didn’t believe was being told the truth about Type Two Diabetes and set out to get answers and experiment on myself to see what worked. So that being said, welcome to my journey! Feel free to send me any questions and I will do my best to get back to you.


One thought on “My Story On

  1. Leo Tat

    Hi Peter

    Weight loss of 40 pounds is awesome.

    I never was overweight but I had a belly.

    Doing LCHF and intermittent fasting has reduced my waist from 32 inches to 30 inches. I can also see my abs now. I don’t even need to do exercise for it.


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