Worlds collide again!!! Joe Rogan is doing LCHF, “Primal Blueprint” and thriving.

This is from Rogan’s Instagram post:

“So the latest update on this wacky diet I’m on – I’m about 2 weeks or so in, and I love it. I haven’t had any grains, pasta or bread in this time and no food with added sugar. Most of my food has been like this; elk meat and avocado. I’ve been taking in MCT oil and coconut oil for added fats too. The diet is called “The Primal Blueprint” and the idea is to get your body to live off fats for energy instead of carbs. My body has just started turning its energy source from carbohydrates to fats. At first it affected my energy levels and I was kinda dragging ass, but after about 10 days or so if normalized and now I feel fantastic. No problem pushing through workouts, and my energy levels have been excellent. I’ve also lost somewhere around 8 pounds. I’m gonna give this diet 60 days to see how it feels but I have to say at 15 days in I’m very impressed with the results.”


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