Low Carb High Fat diet is beginning to get traction – Yahoo news write up. #LCHF #Keto

This Groundbreaking High Fat Diet Could Combat Diabetes and Promote Weight Loss
http://news.yahoo.com/groundbreaking-high-fat-diet-could-161400121.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw via @YahooNews


3 thoughts on “Low Carb High Fat diet is beginning to get traction – Yahoo news write up. #LCHF #Keto

  1. Dave


    I just reviewed your journey on Diet Doctor and now on your blog. Awesome! Your journey is very much like mine. I have lost about 45 pounds since August 2015. I have started Strong Lifts about a month ago and enjoy the work out. I have been working at fine tuning the Macros. I have targeted a 2000 kcal plan. I use myfintnesspal as well. I incorporate intermittent fasting as well. I am struggling developing a 2000 kcal plan of meals. I would be interested to discuss what works for you. Target three meals per day with two snacks?



    1. Hey Dave,
      My macros currently where I have been finding the most success is 5 carbs, 15 protein, and 80 fat.

      My meals tend to not vary a whole lot:
      Breakfast will be 3 eggs scrambled, 2 sugar free bacon, (look closely at the labels for any sugars and their various names) half of a medium avacado. I also don’t drink coffee, or eat nuts or cheese so I will also make a fatty tea. Lately it’s been Numi Tumeric tea steeped then put into a blender with two tbs of Kerry Gold salt free butter and a tbs of coconut oil. This will usually fall exactly within my macros.
      Lunch will be something I call a Man Salad. This is trader joes organic spring mix, half an avocado, broccoli, and half a cooked steak cubed with 3 tbs of olive oil, salt and pepper.
      Three to four of protein, I find my Blood Glucose spikes if I go much further past four oz of protein, but everyone is different. I add butter or coconut oil to cook in, a veg that has close numbers in carbs and fiber like avocado, etc. or will sometimes get fancy and try a recipe from a few of the paleo/Ketogenic cookbooks.
      Calories are typically in the 2000 range +/- any gym time I did.

      Is that what you were looking for? Feel free to ask with more.

      Oh I almost forgot, I will have two fat snacks a day, which are a tbs of coconut oil straight.
      I shoot for 200grams of fat daily, protein around 50 to 60grams and carbs minus fiber as low as possible but under 15grams Max.


      1. Dave


        Thanks for your feedback. I have a tendency to each too much protein and see my glucose spike as well. I need to monitor my macros a little more closely. I do many thing very similar to your plan. I do eat cheese, nuts and Coffee. I typically have one cup of decaf in the morning with heavy cream and coconut oil or MCT. I have been transitioning to green tea (decaf). I may try the tumeric tea.

        again thanks,



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