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Hello and welcome to my blog, you might have been directed to it via and for that I am grateful with hopes that my story might just help one person who has Diabetes.

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Update: Today I am at a total weight loss for the past 7 months of 40 pounds!!! My BG is in the 90’s on average and I have never felt better. You can do this too, I don’t consider myself a genius, I’m not a Mensa member – Just a normal guy who didn’t believe was being told the truth about Type Two Diabetes and set out to get answers and experiment on myself to see what worked. So that being said, welcome to my journey! Feel free to send me any questions and I will do my best to get back to you.

Ask yourself: Why are you trying so hard Not to know

I came across a great article stating all of the health benefits to eating a Low Carb High Fat diet. It is well written, non scientific terminology mumbo jumbo used, and really makes me wonder why this isn’t the kind of thing discussed by the health community in large. Could it be old dogma, fear, money, or just simply laziness?

I believe the reason is most don’t want to make the effort to simply learn and experiment or simply do what ever it takes in order to make themselves healthy. It’s easy to repeat the old mantras of butter, red meat, and salt are bad for you rather than do a bit of research on whether these ingredients are in fact unhealthy.  It’s as if these people are actually trying hard not to know that they can make their lives better by simply eliminating some foods that are making them ill.

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I looked up everything the American Diabetes Association had to say and quickly ordered the medication my doctor prescribed thinking they must be the experts and want what is best for me and the American public in general. But being the inquisitive person I am I wanted to know if there was more than what they are teaching, was this truly a disease that is incurable?  Do I really need to take more and more of these medications for the rest of my life? I know in Buddhism they will ask what was the causation that led to the issue before treating the issue so it won’t happen again and I like to use this perspective regarding my health. I obviously was doing something to myself that was making me unhealthy, and figuring that out was key to my road to health.  That’s how I learned about people like Butter Bob Briggs, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt,  Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Jason Fung, Professor Tim Noakes just to name a few. I started trying different things to see how it affected my blood glucose, my weight, and well being. And more importantly I was willing to do what ever it took to fix the issue because what the ADA was telling me was I was screwed for life and it simply isn’t the case.

Take a look at this article and see if any of it rings true to you:


Diet and LCHF

As I stated in an earlier post, once I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I was prescribed Metformin immediately by my doctor. He didn’t ask me to come in to have a face to face to even discuss exactly what is Type 2 Diabetes! I had to do all the leg work to learn everything I could on my own, you really are your own best health advocate because no one else will do this for you.  While doing my research I found a great website called  The site is run by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt who is a Swedish medical doctor specialized in family medicine. The site taught me about why and how diabetes occurs, and how to reverse it through a change in diet alone. Simple as that, no special gimmicks, or snake oils to sell, just cold hard facts. The site has numerous videos, articles, and testimonials from many many people who have found success through LCHF and I found it invaluable in my own journey to health.  I look at the site almost every day to get inspiration, maybe watch a new uploaded video, or as a means of staying up to date on the latest LCHF information. 

Here is a snipped from the website itself that really sets the tone and got me back on track towards regaining My health:

Regaining health in a sick world requires thinking and acting differently. It requires trusting not in corporate propaganda or old misinformation, but in nature. Our mission is to find the truth about health and supply tools for those want to free themselves. Thus empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

I want state that I have no affiliation or professional connection in any way to this website, I am simply trying to share what helped me, best of luck!


Sushi Rolls = Very Bad for Diabetics


My wife and I used to eat sushi religiously every Friday night as a treat for surviving another work week along with lots of beer and sake. I gained lots of weight even though I was exercising regularly and now I know why amongst numerous other dietary blunders I was making….  Needless to say I stay away from Sushi Rolls like the plague these days.

6 Months Down

Ok, I have been following a LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) diet plan for the past 6 months and so far have lost roughly 30 pounds, my Blood Glucose (blood Sugar level) has normalized to an average of 94ish and still don’t need to take any prescribed medications for my Type 2 Diabetes!!!!

The majority of my weight loss occurred in the first 3 months, some might call this a stall since I haven’t lost anything for the remaining 3 months. I believe you lose what you need too and the body will self regulate based on activity levels. I work out three days a week doing a workout of compound movements called Strong Lifts 5×5. (link below) This has caused some recompositioning of muscle and body fat. I know this because my pants have gone down from a 38 to a 34 inch waist.

My Body Mass Index went from 30 to 21 which I had checked by a few different techniques, one being a Dexa Body Scan (link below) and a hand held device at my local 24hr. Fitness where I work out. My weight stayed at 190 yet my fat shrank and my muscle grew. I look smaller yet more muscular than I have ever in my life!

Here are a few pics of me before with one of my dogs Rex, and the second was this past weekend hiking.×5

My Type 2 Diabetes is Cured/Reversed, using a LCHF diet and exercise alone.

It has been just over a month and I believe I have my Type 2 Diabetes more than under control. My fasting blood sugar has been averaging from mid 80s to mid 90s and I have lost 23 pounds!  I am strictly following a Low Carb High Fat / Ketogenic diet and it’s working!!!  I stopped taking the meds prescribed because they are not necessary for a disease that is diet created and diet fixed. The meds just mask the problem and in the long run will make you more unhealthy.  I’ve been surfing, going to the gym and also got back into cycling, and the exercise really helps kick start the Ketosis for me meaning my blood sugar lowers to around 77 and typically stays around there for the rest of the day. Since I am eating a diet low in carbs the glucose levels stay low, and my body is learning to use the high fat in my diet to burn the fat and residual fat my body has been holding on too.  I also have not had a drink of any alcohol for this entire time, nor coffee. I saw a video about how too much coffee can mess up your adrenal glands and inhibit ketosis adaptation. To tell you the truth I don’t really miss it in the slightest.

Now I know using the word Cured has been a bit controversial because the medical profession won’t admit this disease of insulin resistance can be cured. And I know if I go back to eating the way that got me insulin resistant will make the symptoms return. I feel so much better now that there is no way that will happen. If you crash your car into a telephone pole, then get a new car – would you hit the same pole again? I don’t think so. I believe once you find health going back to bad habits seems just redundant and stupid.